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The term “Health” is best defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. According to the Webster’s Dictionary published in 1913, ‘health’ is the condition of being healthy both physically and psychologically completely free from any kind of pain or  disease. Health Care Products serve our body as and when our body is under the spell of illness or out of sort.
The “illness” refers to the inner sense of an individual’s feeling unwell. The ailment does not refer to any clear pathology, but signifies to a person’s individual understanding of it, for instance, general illness, tiredness, or discomfort. We can even regard the concept of sickness as such a notion that combines the biomedical model (disease) with the socio-cultural context of the patient (illness). So, Health Care Products are sickness which is of various types: Diseases that are physiological and /or Biological malfunctioning that needs clinical perspective. The other is illness which is the experience and perception of diseases within the socio-cultural context which includes spirituality and region.
According to the other sources disease is often interpreted as a medical condition that is associated with explicit indicators and signs. Disease is a pathological process which makes an individual to deviate from his normal state of being.

The medicine or Health Care Products need to restore the balance between its established capability for controlling the processes of the disease and make the body function with its restricted ability to allow and maintain self-healing and  self-regulation.
Briefly, it requires acknowledging its job and its liability to restore to health, to turn it in a complete whole. It needs to be comprehended that this complete cure not only goes beyond the task of managing the diseases, but help us to make our struggle further successful, and develop both the welfare and therapeutic result. This needs  to reproduce more purposely about the concept of :

  • what the natural healing actually suggests;
  • on how healthcare can inhibit or enhance the healing process;
  • on how holistic, integrated, health care is still better.

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In the past the concept of health suggested the condition of health completely free from disease. It was the traditional concept of medicine and accepted during the 1st half of 20 th century primarily by the general practitioner and the medical employees.  This concept of medical condition and health were the purpose and based on the supposition that health and disease evident phenomena. The views that contribute to the developments of Health Care Products are the experiments  in the field of physiology, anatomy, and bacteriology.
The idea of health was, therefore, described exclusively in the footing of the absence of diseases, any symptoms or problems. The downside of this health view was that it conceived health in terms illness. So it neglected the individual taken as a whole overemphasizing precise illness and its relation to definite parts of the body.
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During the later part of 1940, the WHO (World Health Organization) developed a more holistic (Emphasizing the organic or functional relation between parts and the whole) notion of physical condition as “a state of complete mental, social and physical fitness and it is not just the absence of any disease or illness”.
Later the concept wasn’t restricted to a lack of illness, but was understood as the charisma of unlimited and optimistic traits.
More eco-friendly and comparative idea of health came out in the 1960s and 1970s which differs from the perspectives of the earlier holistic and medical approaches mostly in two facets:
First: first, by considering health as a relative concept and, secondly,  by giving greater importance of bigger mutual relationship between the upbringing  and the quality of individual life provided by the  Health Care Products including the health based ecological idea on relative concept directed profoundly  to the assessment of the person’s level of functioning of health  and adjustment to the environmental settings.
In harmony, the health psychology has an important challenge to address: to promote a multidisciplinary view of men who experiences the process of health and illness in a way that Health Care Products  can be conceived not only in terms of the individuals, but also in terms of their interrelations with society and its political systems.